Earlier this month, Equifax announced that there was a massive data breach that had exposed sensitive information such a Social Security numbers of 143 million people to hackers.  This breach was unknown to consumers at the time and as a result can have a tremendous affect on anyone’s personal data.  Personal data can include the information you would possibly need to purchase a home.   So what are some things that you can do,  if you are the victim of identity theft?

  1. Report it to your local police and ask the to issue a police report.  Keep a copy of it to share with your creditors.
  2. Document everything from phone calls to emails pertaining to the incident.

  3. Contact the fraud department at one of the major credit bureaus such as TransUnion or Experian to place a fraud alert on your file.  One bureau will notify the other of the flag on your credit.

  4. Review your credit report and look for unauthorized charges or new credit lines.

  5. Contact your creditors, financial institution, utilities and services to let them know your identity has been stolen.

  6. Contact the IRS if you think your identity has been used in connection with tax violations.

  7. Contact the postal service to see if anyone has submitted change of address forms on your behalf.

If you are in the market of buying a home it is best to make sure your credit and your identity is in tact.  So I hope these 7 tips can help you guide you if you should be a victim of identity theft.  When you are ready to purchase a home I will be happy to help, give me a call today at (801) 628-1116.