If you are planning on selling you home soon, don’t feel that you need to neutralize a nicely stage interior if you already have custom paint colors that coordinate will with your own furnishings.  If your home décor is out of date or the walls are in rough condition, it’s best to create a blank canvas for potential buyers by applying popular neutral colors such white, cream, beige and the very popular “in” color, gray.

Paint is the east way to improve your home on a budget.  The paint and supplies needed to redecorate a room typically will cost you less than $100.  There is not another project that delivers such a remarkable transformation to your home’s look and feel with so little money.

When sprucing up your home with paint, there are a few things to consider – the right color and the finish.

Picking a color can be very daunting as colors come in a variety of shades, thanks to Sir Issac Newton who invented the color wheel in 1706.

Every year paint makers offer new color options based on the most current designs and trends in the home and garden media.  With whatever color you choose, it should reflect your personality and tastes. 

However, you should always keep the room’s purpose in mind.  For example, a relaxing green, or blue hue suits a bedroom or bath.  While a deep red adds sophistication to a room that’s intended for entertaining.   Furthermore, light shades can make a small space seem larger, while dark colors may be used to create a warmer feeling in a large room.

Untimely, it’s usually best to select a color that will balance out the room.  If most of your furnishings are bold, go with a subdued look on the walls so they won’t compete.  If you have big pieces in the room that are neutrals, consider adding a punch of color that is pulled from the decorative accessories or artwork.

When selecting your paint color, you will also need to select the type of finish. Did you know every finish has a purpose?

Here is a breakdown of each finish:

  1. Flat – Well just as the name says it is “flat” no pizazz. It can also be known as a Matte finish which is good for concealing flaws, however it is difficult to maintain.  This finish is best for old walls and low traffic arear, like in a garage.
  1. Satin or Eggshell- Usually this is a very popular finish due to it’s versatile and attractive satin finish.  It is great for walls that are in high traffic areas and family areas because they are easier to wipe clean.
  1. Semi-Gloss – This is by far the most durable finish with a visible shine.  It is best for trim, woodwork and high-moisture areas like baths and kitchens.
  1. Gloss- Now if you like shiny things why not make your walls sparkle.  Gloss is the shiniest finish.  Usually you will see this finish on doors, mantels as well as other special architectural features to draw attention to them.

As you can see, sprucing up your home with paint, does not cost a lot of money to do so.If you are in the process of selling your home be sure to talk to your agent to see if you should spend a little on updating your paint colors to attract buyers. Since there are so many endless color options out there, find one that suits your personality. If you are not sure which colors to choose, a great place to start is to look through magazines or Instagram to get ideas.Don’t worry if you do not know the name, take the pictures to your local paint store they can easily match it for you!

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